As the Country of Honor of MIPCOM 2015, TURKISH HOME will host a series of conferences, screenings and activities between 4-8 October, 2015.

The program of the inaugural Focus on Turkey will be a unique experience for all MIPCOM 2015 participants, as Turkish media industry will be present in Cannes with all its different branches, including networks, production and distribution companies, digital media and advertisement along with stars, screenwriters, producers and directors. Besides the regular conferences for guest countries, it will also host a major audiovisual forum during 4-8 October, 2015. This forum will offer a deeper look at the remarkably growing media landscapes in Turkey.

Since 1998, where Deli Yürek was sold to Kazakhstan, as the first Turkish television drama (dizi), by 2015, the market of television series reached 200 million dollars per year.

To cite a few numbers, Turkish TV market comprises of 678 Television Channels, including 25 national, 16 regional and 205 local channels free-to-air and 432 paid among them (139 cable and 293 satellite). Today besides TRT, the founding institution of Television broadcasting in Turkey, there are private channels like KANAL D, ATV, STAR, Kanal 7, and others, which air free of charge. There are also paid networks like DIGITURK, and DSmart, and other free channels like NBC and Fox which air international drama, all as digital broadcasting.

The Number of TV Broadcasters Features

Features Number
National 15
Regional 16
Local 205
Cable 139
Satellite 293
Total 678

Source: http://www.rtuk.gov.tr   (RTSC)

Based on the 2014 Radio and TV Broadcasting Report of RTSC, the quantity of paid networks and their subscribers has increased over the years, as %65 in 2011, %43 in 2012 and %7 in 2013. It was measured in 2013, 6.617.693 subscribers received service from the platform administrators by paying fees, with extra charge for the 104 coded channels.

Source : Radio and TV Broadcasting Report - 2014, RTSC

Advertising Market

The global measurement company Zenith Optimedia declared the Advertising Expenditure Forecasts in December 2014, issuing a report which predicted that global advertising expenditure would grow 4.9% in 2015, reaching $ 545 billion by the end of the year.

The growth in advertising expenditure according to the regional blocks:

The report assessed Turkey in the Eastern Europe & Central Asia regional block, stating that Eastern European advertising markets, such as Russia and Turkey, generally recovered quickly after the 2009 downturn and continued their healthy pace of growth, largely (though not entirely) unaffected by the problems in the Eurozone for the following 4 years and grew 11.5% in 2013.

In 2013, as expected, USA had the highest advertising expenditure with $ 167 billion, Japan was ranked second with $ 53 billion and Turkey was ranked the 25th with the $ 3 billion. (Fig. 1)

Expected average annual growth is an advertising expenditure of Turkey’s regional block between 2014 – 2017 is 5,9. Advertising Agencies Organisation declared that in the first half of 2014 advertising expenditures in Turkey increased by 2,7 % compared to the same period in 2013. Total invesment was 2.979 million TL, with 52% of this amount being spent for TV advertisements. Press was on the second rank with 19.40 %. (Fig.2)

If we compare the media expenditures between 2013 -2014 there is a slight decrease in TV and press advertisements where digital advertisement is increasing. (Fig.3) A comparison between 2012 and 2013, shows that in the TV advertising expenditures on the base of licenses the share of regional TV channels increased by 25% and the share of satellite TV channels increased by 30%. (Fig.4) Television broadcasting advertising expenditures has shown an increasing trend between the years 2009-2013. (Fig. 5) Statista, one of world largest statistics portal estimated that advertising expenditures in Turkey would increase 15% by the end of the year 2015. According to the type of advertising expenditures, the highest increase would be in digital media with 28% (Fig.6)

Turkish media industry is a motivated growing market, experiencing a increasing pace among other global audiovisual markets. Turkey is today an affluent buyer and a high quality content supplier, leading towards being a top player on world’s media market offering a variety of business opportunities. TURKISH HOME in Cannes offers a bright opportunity to discover and explore the world of Turkish media.


Global Advertising Expenditures

Source: Zenith Optimedia (Advertising Expenditure Forecast, December 2013)
Expected average annual growth in advertising expenditure of Turkey’s regional block between 2014-2017 is 5,9 %.


Source: Advertising Agencies Organisation


Source: Advertising Agencies Organisation

Fig. 4

Source: Radio TV Superior Council - 2014 Sector Report

Fig. 5

Source: Radio TV Superior Council - 2014 Sector Report

Fig. 6

Source: Statista (www.statista.com)
*estimated values